How do I manage inventory in my online store?

In your Givebacks online store, you have the option to track inventory for non-membership products. Inventory will automatically update when purchases are made in your store. You can also manually update inventory for in-person purchases and restocks.  When inventory reaches zero shoppers will not be able to add the item to their cart. Turn on Inventory Tracking when creating your product. 

Turning on inventory tracking

1. Create a new product by going to Store Management > Manage Products > New Product.

2. Scroll to the Inventory Tracking section. Click Change to open this section. Check the box to Turn on inventory tracking.

3. Finish creating the product and click Save.

4. At the end of the setup process you will be prompted to enter the inventory. Enter the number and click Adjust.

Note: If your product has no sizes, colors, or custom fields, you will have one inventory to manage. If your product has colors and/or sizes, you’ll manage the inventory for each color/size combination. You can also add additional “Select” fields which you will be able to manage inventory for.

All "Select" type fields will add an inventory combination. “Text” and “Multi Select” custom fields do not affect inventory. If you are prompted for inventory combinations you don't want, change the field type from "Select" to "Multi-Select".

Adjusting inventory

1. To adjust inventory go to Store Management > Manage Products > click the inventory information under the Inventory column.

2. Enter a number in the box to set your initial inventory and then click Adjust. You can also make manual adjustments. To decrease your inventory enter a negative number, such as -5.

View inventory adjustments

Click on View History in the top right corner of each inventory group to see a history of adjustments.


Questions? Contact Givebacks Support.

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