How do I set up our Website?

To start setting up your website, click Website Builder on the toolbar and then choose Manage Website. This feature provides an easy way for you to have a fully customizable public site your users can visit without having to log in to Givebacks. 

You can create 6 pages for your website. You will additionally get automatic links to your Store and Product Fundraiser (if applicable) pages.

Follow these steps to use the Website Builder:

1. Click on Website Builder on the toolbar and select Manage Website.

2. Click the Get Started button. Your Home Page with the Landing Page format will be created for you.

3. Click the 3 dots next to the Home Page to see options to edit the page and edit the page visibility. 

4. Click the Add Page button to start building a new page.

5. Fill in the information for your new page and click Save.

  • Name: This is the name of your page that will show on the menu bar for your website.
  • Path: The path must start with a "/" followed by additional characters except for the Home Page which should only have a path of  "/". (For example, a page with the name About Us could have the path of /aboutus.)
  • Layout: Page types are not editable once chosen
    • Contents
      • Customizable Header Text and optional Image
      • Title Section/ Text Body
    • Events - Note: Only available to PTAs with the Compliance module 
      • Pulls your events automatically from your calendar
      • Not editable
    • Landing
      • Banner image and text (We recommend image size of 1000 pixels by 200-300 pixels.)
      • About Us and Get Connected boxes (titles are editable)
    • Officers - Note: Only available to PTAs with the Compliance module
      • Pulls your officers directly from Givebacks and makes your titles/emails easily accessible to your unit. 
      • Not editable
    • Custom Page Editor
      • Drag and drop page editor
      • Build your own page layout and fully customize the page
      • Learn more here
  • Starting At: (optional) You can enter a start date for your page to go live.
  • Expires At: (optional) You can enter an end date for your page to turn off.

6. Set up your new page by clicking the 3 dots next to your page and selecting Edit Webpage.

Be sure to click Save on the top of the page after each edit.

7. Make your pages live. For each page, click the 3 dots next to your page and select Edit Visibility. Check the is Live box.

8. Make the entire website live by clicking the Make Live button. Your site is now viewable.


You are done! You have a complete website for your unit! You can find your website link at the top of the website admin page to share with your users!


Helpful tips:

You do not need to use the Landing Page layout as your home page. 

  • To use a different page layout for your homepage, rename the Path of your original Landing Page to something other than "/".  (You can delete this page after creating the new Home page.)
  • Create a new page of any layout that you want.  Set the path for the page that you want to be your Home Page to "/".

Questions? Contact Givebacks Support.






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