How to find prewritten fundraiser newsletter templates

The Newsletters section in Givebacks includes prewritten templates, making it easy to communicate with your supporters. First, make sure you have all your contacts entered into your Givebacks site by adding or importing them under Contacts > Manage Contacts. Then go to Communications > Create Newsletters and click Add Message on the upper right. At the bottom, in the templates section, click Add to find and edit a pre-written template to promote your fundraiser.

Promoting fundraisers with newsletter templates

1. First, to get the most success out of your fundraiser, you'll want to promote it to as many people as possible! Make sure you have all your supporters' email addresses in Givebacks to increase the reach for your fundraiser and raise more money!

From the toolbar go to Contacts > Manage Contacts. Review this list to make sure everyone you want to reach is listed. If you are missing contacts, add them by clicking the Add Contact button or using the Import icon.

2. Click Communications, then Create Newsletters. Click Add Message.

3. Choose your Campaign or click Start a new Campaign.

4. Next to Template, click Add

Template options will appear on the screen. Scroll down to find the perfect pre-written email template for your fundraiser. Customize the template to suit your needs. For more information see How to work with newsletter templates.

5. Send your newsletter. You can schedule the newsletter to go out at a later time or send it now. To schedule, slide the button next to Scheduled Send to the right.

6. Head back up to the top and click Send Now, or Save & Schedule if you set up a scheduled send.


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