Can I have donors pay the Credit Card Processing and Platform fees?

Givebacks collects tips or charges a fee to cover the costs of running our site, so we can provide you with the best fundraising platform possible. We’ve partnered with Stripe, which also charges a small fee for their payment processing services. We provide both Tip Model Pricing and Percent Pricing to accommodate all fundraising needs. The plan you choose will affect which fees you can pass on to donors.

Tip Model Pricing 

With Tip Model Pricing, there’s no platform fee. Instead, donors can optionally leave tips to cover operating costs. Even if no one leaves a tip, we still won’t charge you a Givebacks fee.

The only fee you’ll pay on this plan is the credit card processing fee. This is automatically deducted from every transaction. If you use Tip Model Pricing, you won’t be able to pass the credit card processing fees on to donors.

Percent Pricing 

With Percent Pricing, you can pass the fees on to the donor, cover the fees as an organization, or ask the donors if they will pay the fees.  

  • Givebacks platform fee: This fee, instead of tips from donors, covers Givebacks operating costs. The fee is 7.5% per transaction. See Tip Model Pricing vs. Percent Pricing: What’s the difference? for more details.   
  • Credit Card Processing fee: This is the standard fee for credit card processing, from our third-party credit card processing partner. 

There are several choices for paying both fees:

    • Passing on fees to your donor.
    • Having the organization absorb all fees.
    • Giving the donor the option to cover it in the checkout process.

Passing on fees to your donor

During experience setup, you may choose to have both the platform fee and credit card processing fee added to each donation to be paid by the donor. This would allow you to maximize the amount received for each donation.

Have the organization absorb all fees

Or, you can choose to have your organization cover both fees. This option would not add any fees to the donor. The donor would only be charged the amount of their donation and the organization would pay the fees by having them automatically deducted from the total amount raised on their experience.

Split the fees

At checkout, you can ask the donor if they want to cover the processing fees on behalf of the organization.


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