How to Post Trivia or Survey Questions During Your Livesteam Event

Posting trivia or survey questions during your livestream can help your donors get to know one another and feel excited and engaged throughout your event.  

This article will share information about how to post trivia or survey questions during your live event.

Why would I want to post trivia or survey questions during my livestream?

Trivia and survey questions are tools designed to engage your audience members throughout your livestream. Survey and trivia questions can:

  • Provide an activity during your livestream event.
  • Allow your audience members to ‘mingle’ and get to know each other.
  • Be used to give your at-home participants some real-time say in the event (they can vote on contest winners, select what should happen next, etc.)

When should I create trivia or survey questions?

You should enable livestreaming and enter your questions before your livestream event. Though you will be able to create questions during your livestream, we recommend entering your questions beforehand.

How to enable livestreaming on your fundraiser

How do I set up trivia and survey questions for my livestream event

How do I post my trivia or survey questions to the audience?

Follow the steps below to post your trivia or survey questions.

  1. From the Livestream Studio in your management menu, scroll down to Settings and click Select an active questionsurvey_1.png
  2. Select the question from the drop-down menu and click ACTIVATE QUESTION. survey_2.png

After activating the question, you will see that it will pop up under Activity Feed in the Livestream Studio (to the right of the screen). It will also appear on your fundraiser page for your audience.

What do survey or trivia questions look like on my fundraiser page?

Your audience members will see three tabs directly under the livestream window. These tabs include Spotlight, Activities, and Experience Details.

The active question appears in the Spotlight section on the Experience Page. Your audience members will be taken here by default when they open your Experience Page.


Good to know:

  • When you’re livestreaming you can either select a question that has already been entered into the setup or create a new question from the Livestream Studio page.

If you have additional questions about posting trivia or survey questions during your livestream, please reach out to our support team. 

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