How do I setup notifications?

You and the people you choose can receive two types of notifications from your online store - Contact Us and Order notifications. To set up notifications, go to Settings, then Notifications.

Setting up notifications

There are two types of notifications:

  • Contact Us - Your shoppers can contact you directly from the storefront and send you a message when they have a question. 
  • Order Notifications - You can choose to receive notifications when orders are placed in your store.  This may be helpful during quiet months when you may not receive orders very often.

1. To edit your notification settings, go to Settings > Notifications.

2. Within Notifications, you can add anyone you like for each notification type (Contact Us or Orders) by clicking the Add notification button.

3. Enter the person's email address and choose the Notification Type (Contact Us or Order Notification) from the drop-down. Click the Create button.

4. The person you add to notifications will need to confirm their subscription to notifications. They will receive an email with a link to confirm. Please remind the person to check their email and click on the click here link to confirm.

5. To remove a notification, click on the 3 dots next to the person's name and select Unsubscribe. You can also select Edit Notification and then click the Unsubscribe button.

Click Unsubscribe in the confirmation box.

Note: It is important to designate someone to receive the Contact Us notifications from the Contact Admin link in your store. To ensure that someone always receives those messages, if no Admins are set up for the Contact Us notifications, Givebacks will send the message to all Admins.


Questions? Contact Givebacks Support.

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