September 10, 2021 Release Notes

Added the capability to have custom fields from store write back to shopper’s MemberHub Profile

We have heard the request for data entered in Membership purchases or Product purchases to be saved in the Contact’s MemberHub Profile.  Admins can now configure Contact Properties to used in Products or Memberships.  See Adding Custom Fields for Products or Memberships to get it setup in your site.


Simple message unsubscribe

We added an unsubscribe link in all messages sent via simple messages.  Note:  This will only unsubscribe users from Simple Messages. They can still receive newsletters or choose to unsubscribe from Newsletter Campaigns by using the Unsubscribe link in Newsletters.


Filter by Hubs in your Directory

This featurewill allow your contacts who have access to the directory to filter to view PTA Members or Filter by Hubs if your Hubs are configured for Directory Filtering.  See Directory Settings for more information.


Organization Admins can now better manage families. 

 See Managing Families for more information.


Manage subscription is available in site settings


Small Fixes

  • Don’t allow admins to void prior year memberships
  • Improved format and time picker for Schedule send time in messages and events.
  • Membership export fixes
  • Allow Compliance Submissions for previous school year.
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