Insights: Add Storytelling Elements to Your Experience Description

Inspire your donors to give generously by helping them emotionally connect with your cause.

Donors are most likely to donate when they feel a strong personal connection to a cause, and when they can clearly picture the impact their donation will have. Telling your organization’s story in the About section on your Experience page can help you connect with donors and raise more funds: 


How Do I Add a Description of Our Organization?

Tell Your Story

The following tips will help you lay out a clear story for your donors:

  • Catch donors’ attention with keywords highlighting your organization’s impact
    • Quickly convey your organization’s goals and get to the heart of the matter
    • Example: “WHAT WE DO: Provide communities with improved access to clean water, reliable food sources, and accessible healthcare.”
  • Share real-life impact stories and specific needs
    • Encourage donors to form personal connections with the people they’re helping by adding testimonials and make them feel like they’re contributing in concrete ways through fund-a-needs
    • Example: “$50 will provide a personalized water filtration system for a single-family dwelling.”
  • Add videos and images
    • Help donors easily imagine the impact of their donations with visual examples
  • Reach out year-round, not just during specific fundraisers
    • Keep your donors engaged with regular updates like mailing lists or monthly newsletters, so they’re more likely to keep contributing

Following these tips will help you deepen donor relationships and inspire consistent donations.

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