The Compliance Manager Reporting area provides a variety of reports for State PTA leaders.  To access the Compliance Manager Reports, select Reporting within the Compliance Manager module. Each report can be filtered to show specific data and then exported to a CSV to view in a spreadsheet rather than viewing on the site. 

Here is a detailed list of each report and what it entails: 

  1. National PTA Report: This report will show the National ID, State ID, and number of memberships paid to State PTA for a given date range.  The data for this report is generated based upon the date that the dues payment is received.  It is important to note that when entering manual dues payments, the date the payment is received will determine the date for the report.  So, if you enter a manual dues payment in May but change the received date to be in April, this dues payment will only show on a report within the April date range, not May.  
  2. Compliance Report: This report will show all local units with the different areas of compliance for your State PTA. The default view will show basic details about all compliance areas.  For more details on specific compliance areas, use the Compliance Area filter that is available at the top right of the table. If they have made a submission, it will show the date and time that the submission was made for the selected year. You can search this list by Organization name as well to view a specific unit's compliance.  
  3. State Dues Payments: This report will show all dues payments submitted by local units for the selected year.  You can filter the list by searching for a specific organization to only see their dues payments.  
  4. Membership Overview: This report shows a snapshot of each units membership totals, the amount of memberships they have paid and how many they still owe for. This data is based upon the number of memberships entered into their site and how many memberships they have paid for in their state dues payments.  
  5. New Members Report: This report will list all new memberships that were created in the site over a given date range.  
  6. Officers Report:  This report shows all officers for each unit, their position as well as the contact information for that officer.  
  7. Unit Report: This report shows all unit data for each organization.  
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