How do I add my fellow officers to our cause?

If you need to add a new admin to manage your cause on Shop to Give, simply log in to, visit Admin Management, and click the blue add admin button. You can find more detailed steps below:


How to add new admins to manage your cause on Shop to Give:


1. Log in to your account. Enter your username and password.



2. Click Admin Management on the left.



3. Click on the +Add an Admin button on the top right.



4. Fill in the form that appears on the right. Enter the new admin's Name, Email and Level of Admin Rights and click Save


Super Admin Access: These admins have the ability to edit any pages, grant any type of new admin access, and can withdraw your organization's funds.

Admin Access: These admins can edit the cause pages and view the others, add other admins (not super admins). They can not withdraw funds. 


You're all set. The admin you added has received an email letting them know they have admin access and they will see that access the next time they log in.

Questions? We can assist. Contact Shop to Give Support.

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