Messages: View Message Send & Open Rates

After you send a message through Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) you're able to view the recipient sent and open rates for the emails you send out. 

If you are an administrator or the sender of a message, this information can be seen for each email and SMS message within the Communications Module > Messages.  When sending direct messages, you will not see any further analytics than the number of contacts the message was sent, % of opens, and % of clicks in the message.  You can also see this separately for SMS and email messages. 


You can also see this information and a little more for Newsletters that are sent.  Go to Communications>Newsletters.  From this page, you will see all newsletters that have been sent with send and open rates for each newsletter.  To get more details on a campaign, click the link in the top left area of this screen to View Campaigns


From this page, you will then see all campaigns sent through your Newsletter.  Multiple newsletters can be sent from one campaign. When select a campaign, you will then be able to see all newsletters sent under that one campaign with open and send rates for each newsletter sent within the campaign.  If anyone has unsubscribed from this newsletter campaign, you will see a blue message across the top to see how many have unsubscribed. 


If you click the View Unsubscribed button on this page, you will then see a popup window listing all email addresses that have unsubscribed from this campaign newsletter. 



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