Feb. 2, 2022 Release Notes

We’re continuing to add requested features.  Today’s release includes enhancements to managing contacts and communications.


  • You can now add contacts in bulk by either selecting from existing contacts in your site or by inputting a list of email addresses.  For more details, check out or updated article. Add People/contacts To Your Hubs
  • While users have had a way to unsubscribe from messages for a while, we now have new tools for managing Subscription status.  Users can now view and edit subscription status in their profile: How do I unsubscribe from receiving emails?  Admins also have new capabilities to see who is unsubscribed from messages: How do I view unsubscribed contacts?
  • You’ll also notice some improvements in the display of families in your directory.  


  • Newsletters and the custom page builder now allow you to paste text with formatting.  You won’t have to re-add hyperlinks anymore!
  • We have improved the formatting of bullet lists in Messages.

For our State Partners

  • We have added the Unit Name to the National Report.  

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