End of School: Prepare Your Site for the Next School Year

To prepare for the new school year your organization should add new officers, review their list of admins, make sure state dues are paid, transfer ownership of the Stripe account, update hubs, and remove families who are leaving the organization. 

Add New Officers (specific to PTAs)

You can add officers for the upcoming school year as soon as they are known. Go to Compliance > Update Officers > select the new school year in the dropdown box > click the Add Officer button.

Note:  You should not modify the officers for the current school year.  

See How do I add officers? for more information.

Review List of Administrators (add or remove as needed)

Some of your administrators may be leaving your organization and should therefore be removed from the list of administrators. Go to Settings > Admin Roles. Click on the admin who needs to be removed and click the Delete button.

See How do I add or remove Org/Site Administrators or Custom Permissions? for more information.

Make sure all State Dues are paid (specific to PTAs)

Check your payment status under Memberships > Remit State Dues. If you owe dues for the current school year, you can follow these instructions to remit your dues. 

How do we pay our state PTA dues?


  • Only the Treasurer or President for the current school year can remit electronic dues payments.
  • If you owe dues for previous school years more than one year ago, you will need to contact your State PTA office to remit those dues. You can only remit dues online for the current year and the most recent previous year. 

Transfer Stripe account ownership

If you have a new treasurer, you will need to change your Stripe account owner. Follow these instructions to transfer ownership.

How to Change the Owner of Your Stripe Account

Updating Hubs

It is recommended that you use the feature of expiring roles for hub contacts and contacts within your site. This will minimize the amount of work you need to do each year to clear/update your hubs.  If you have not enabled the feature of expiring roles for hubs, you can follow these steps to update your hubs for next year. 

To remove the contacts from a hub, you will go to Contacts > Manage Hubs & Hub Contacts and click the 3 dots for the hub.  Select Hub Contacts to view all contacts within that hub.  Check the box at the top of the list to select all contacts and click Actions > Remove from Hub. 

You can then select how you wish to move the contacts:

  1. Remove from this hub, but keep them as an organization contact.  This is beneficial if you wish to keep them as a contact for communications but they are no longer associated with this hub or any other hubs.  You can also choose the expiration year, if any, for the organization contact as well. 
  2. Remove from this hub and add them to a different hub.  This would be beneficial if moving them to the next grade up within your grade level hubs. 
  3. Remove from this hub and from the organization.  This is beneficial when moving the last grade out of your site for students/families that will no longer be at your school and you do not wish to keep them in as contacts for communications. 

You will then want to remove/archive the files and photos within each hub.  To do this, you would go to Communications > Share Files & Photos and click on the hub you wish to go to.  Click the box at the top of the list of the files and photos to select all.  Click Actions and then you can choose to Delete or Archive the files and photos.  If you choose to delete them, they can never be retrieved.  If you choose to archive them, you can go back and unarchive them later if you wish to restore them. 

TIP: You might consider sending an email to alert families to download anything they want out of their hubs before you empty them out. 

You can also delete or archive any hubs that you no longer wish to use. To do this, go to Contacts > Manage Hubs & Hub Contacts and select the hub(s) you wish to delete or archive.  Click Actions and then select Delete or Archive. If you choose to delete any hubs, they can never be retrieved.  If you choose to archive, you can then go back and unarchive later on if you wish to restore the hub.

See How do I create and set up hubs? for more information on hubs.

Removing Families Who are Leaving the Organization

Let's say you're with an elementary school. With the new feature of contact role expiration, you can set the 5th grade contacts to have an expiration role of the current fiscal year so that their role would expire and they would automatically disappear from your site at the end of the current year. 

You can also identify families who need to be removed by simply sending out an email towards the end of the school year encouraging folks to let you know if they do not plan on returning to the school next year. Then you'll have that list handy when you're ready. Or you can send a welcome back email towards the beginning of school and let people know they can click Unsubscribe at the bottom of the email if they do not want to receive further communication from your organization.  

To remove people from your site go to Contacts > Manage Contacts. You can go into someone's profile or click the 3 dots next to their name and click Remove from Organization. You can also select multiple contacts or all of them and then click Actions > Remove from Organization. You can also filter your contacts by Email Status > Unsubscribed.  You can then select all of them to remove from the organization. 

*Be very careful when selecting all in your database and removing all from your organization. This data is NOT recoverable.

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