How do we pay our state PTA dues?

Before you can pay your State PTA dues, you must be listed as the current year President/Treasurer according to this tutorial and logging in with the email listed for the officer record. 

State dues payments for memberships are payable directly to the state PTA via e-Check/ACH in Givebacks. Go to Memberships > Remit State Dues. This eCheck process is not connected to your merchant account used to accept credit card payments through your online store.

Please note: As of July 1st, 2023 There is a $2 fee to process your e-check state dues payment and a $4 fee on any failed ACH payment attempts. 

Follow these steps to pay your state dues:

  1. Go to Memberships > Remit State Dues 
  2. Click the Send ACH Payment button.

  3. Enter your banking details.  If you wish to not have to enter this information each time you submit a dues payment, check the box to tokenize your bank account information.
  4. You will then see the payment on your Dues Payments screen, indicating status and details for the payment. 
  5. If you do not see your submitted payment on this list, submit a support request for assistance.
  6. Within Membership > Remit State Dues, you can see all Dues Payments for each year  -- print this page and circle or highlight the current payment to include with the paperwork for your files. If you also need to pay council dues per member, print two extra copies (one for the check request and one to include with the check you send to your council treasurer).


Payment Failed?: You will need to send your payment again. If you previously saved your bank information for state payments, the most common reasons for failed payments are: 1) the saved bank account has been closed and 2) your bank account is overdrawn.

New Bank Account?: If your bank information has changed and you owe the state for dues, contact Support to remove your saved bank information so that you may enter your new bank information.  


Questions? Contact Givebacks Support.

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