How do I add products to my store?

To add a product to the store go to Store Management, then Manage Products. Click the Add Product button and enter the details for your product.

Adding a product to the store

1. From the toolbar select Store ManagementManage Products

2. Click the New Product button.

3. Enter the product details.

  • Name - Enter a descriptive name for your product
  • Description - Add an optional one-line description that will show under the product name in the store.
  • Long Description - Add as much information as you need about your product that will answer customer questions - product details, delivery information, purchase deadlines, etc.
  • Price - Enter the price you are charging.
  • Allow shoppers to enter custom price - Check this box if you want to allow the customer to set their own price. You will be able to set a minimum price. We recommend only using this option for open donations.
  • Category - Select one category or multiple categories for your product. Categories are created by the organization and are listed in the store toolbar. Read How do I create categories in my store? for more information.

4. Create Additional Fields to capture more information from customers. You can use the buttons to add colors or sizes. You can also create custom fields. For example, you may want to collect student names and homeroom classes for delivery purposes. For more information read How do I add custom fields for products or memberships?

5. Turn on Inventory tracking (or leave it off). The inventory feature allows you to set a limit on the number of items available for purchase. An item will no longer be able to be purchased when inventory runs out. The customer will receive an Out of Stock message. You can learn more about inventory tracking by reading How do I manage inventory in my online store?

6. Adjust the Store Visibility of the product. With this optional feature, you can choose to make your item live on a certain date or hide the item on a certain date.

7. Add a Photo of your product. Images create an emotional connection with your visitors and encourage them to purchase or donate.

Note: For the best image display, we recommend 600w x 400h pixels. You may wish to avoid uploading anything bigger than 1200w x 800h to preserve page performance.

8. When you're done, go back to the top and click Save on the upper right. You can edit your item or hide it from the store at any time. 



  • You can also manage your item's visibility and available dates from the Manage Products page. Click on the check mark under the MH Store or MH Pay column and a box will appear to adjust visibility and the available dates.

  • You can adjust the order your products are displayed in your store by using the Sort feature on the Manage Products page.

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