How do I share Files & Photos?

You can use the Files & Photos section under Communications to share images and files with your organization. Folders are automatically created for hubs and then your organization can create other folders to store anything you like, by any category, topic, or organizational manner you prefer.

Types of folders

1. Hub folders - will be marked with this icon: mceclip0.png

  • Hub folders are created automatically when a hub is created. To change the name of a hub folder, you'll need to change the name of the hub.
  • Files and Photos in hubs can only be accessed by contacts who are members of the hub.  Note: Organization Admins have access to all Hubs and Files & Photos.
  • Only Hub Admins or Organization Admins can add files and photos to hub folders.

2. "Regular Folders" - will be marked with this icon: mceclip2.png

  • Regular folders are visible to anyone who can log in to your Giveback site.
  • Only Organization Admins can create folders or add files to these folders.

Note: Images and files attached to a message are stored in a folder titled Messaging Images that is only visible to Organization Admins. While the file may appear to look like it is a public folder, only Organization Admins can see the folder. 

Storing Files & Photos 

  • Files can be stored in Folders, Hub Folders, or directly in your Home folder.
  • Files in Home or any "Regular folders" in Home can be accessed by all users with access to your Givebacks site.  Additionally, these files will appear in the Recent Uploads section of the Dashboard to all users.
  • Any files uploaded in Hub folders will only be accessible to Organization Admins or members of those hubs.

1. To add an image or file, navigate to the folder the file should be stored in or click Add Folder and enter the name of the folder.

2. Click Add File

3. Choose whether a shared link to the file is Public or not. 

  • Choosing False in the selection list will require the user to log in to Givebacks and they will only have access to the file if they have access to the Hub/Folder in which it is stored.
  • Choosing True in the selection list will allow the file to be publicly accessible without logging in to Givebacks.
  • The Public setting can be changed after uploading the file by editing the File Properties.

Questions? Contact Givebacks Support.

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